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Choosing a good restaurant with the right kind of ambience for your dinner date is important. You do not want to go to a place that is too high maintenance, and neither do you want to go to something that is too casual. Therefore, if it is your girlfriend accompanying you or a girl from an exclusive Manchester escort agency, the five places mentioned below are superb to have your romantic meal planned with.

Here are the places, just dwell in and have fun unlimited.

  • Cloud 23: Situated on the 23rd floor of the Beetham Tower in Manchester, Cloud 23 is one of the top restaurants here. It all starts with a ride on the express lift, followed by finding an exclusive zone to settle in, which are named after ancient Greek Gods, and then finally having an amazing time with your date; enjoying the romantic ambience, the city lights through the floor to ceiling windows, and the delicious food.
  • The River Restaurant: Located inside the Lowry Hotel, this restaurant is a cosmopolitan favorite that is near the bank of the river Irwell. If your idea of a romantic rendezvous involves elegant style, beautiful flower arrangements, green leather chairs and a menu that has authentic British food made with the finest ingredients, then the River Restaurant is perfect for you.
  • Opus One: At the Radisson Blue Edwardian, this restaurant is said to be one of the liveliest restaurants in Manchester. They offer innovative, modern British food, in a lavish and theatrical setting. You and your date will remember the date you had in this place because of the food, the luxurious furniture, and the soaring high ceilings held up with velvet walls.
  • Evuna: The first thing you will notice and love about this beautiful restaurant in Deansgate, is its wine red color. And keeping up with its exterior, this restaurant has a selection of some really good wine. Whats more, the servers are so well manners and warm, and the food is really delicious.
  • Croma: If you love Italian food and authentic, thin crust pizzas, then Croma is meant for you. The beautiful interior, the delectable items on the menu and the selection of drinks for you and your lovely date a girl from an ¬†Exclusive Manchester escort agency, all add together to a romantic evening.

So with the restaurant for your dinner date sorted, all you have to do now is dress up and pick up your lady on time and have an amazing evening with good food, drinks and the memorable company of your lady.