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09 May 2016 If you are alone in Liverpool, you have got a list to do

When you are in the city like Liverpool, England, you can never be alone. But stillif you have no friends or if it is your foreign trip alone, then man, you are sitting on a treasure top. Yeah!! You can go out, have fun at the places and, most importantly, you have a list of things to do when you are alone in the Liverpool. Well, if you do not know that what to do then read the whole blog, till the end, you would be enlightened.

The list of tasks starts like this.

  • Spent some time singing the karaoke: Sounds weird, but this is actually something active and sporty to do if you are alone in the city. Yeah, no one is there beside you, poking that, “Ewe, you sing badly, or quiet, you sound like shit.” You are alone and you can loudly sing whatever you want, any of your favorite lyrics or the singer. Now, if you say where the place is, then it is MBox, a Japanese Karaoke Bar on Renshaw Street. So, get drunk and get nasty with the lyrics.


  • Okay, so be an adult, stay up late: Well, if you are really shy and cannot dare to make it to the Karaoke, then stay up late and wander the streets of the Liverpool watching the glitter and lights of the city. If you say that, you cannot be rebellious alone to wake up late then accompany escorts in Liverpool. They would let you be bad to stay up late. You can wander around the City Centre and see the illuminated city aimlessly.


  • Go fake; Go to a wedding that is also fake: Weddings are always fun! Aren’t they? Loads of fun and trolling, delicious buffet including delicacies, and mad dance, Oh Man, you cannot enjoy more than this. Although when you know that everything is fake!!Now, where you can find this- Liverpool. Such weddings happen monthly and for that, you have to search the events in the city.


  • Eat ice cream; Eat it all alone: Well, obviously you are alone in the city, then you will eat the ice cream alone. But, if you have a company, still eat that alone. The best place to savor your tooth buds, if you are an ice cream lover, is Calderstones Park. You will find a heck of flavors and soul-soothing ice cream that even a ladle-like spoon would seem small to eat.