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17 Aug 2016 Swim in the history of Leeds

In the whole of England, one can never have an option of not considering the English history as England is a historical country with lots still unfolded. History is witness. Britishers ruled the whole world on their fingertips. Talking about historical English cities, Leeds perhaps the top the table with its history traced to be as back as 5th century when the name was attributed to a forested area of the Kingdom of Elmet. Leeds, situated on the bank of river Aire, became an industrial hub during 17th and 18th century. With uncountable structures depicting the history of Britain, here are few of them listed. However make sure that you visit these venues with a companion. And if you don’t have one, contact Leeds escorts.

Harewood House and Gardens

From the moment you set your foot, Harewood seizes your fantasy and augments your eagerness. It happens to be a place mated with heritage, culture and art which continues to flourishes and is evolving even today.

It has always been one of the Treasure of in England, the historic Georgian property having stunningly designed brown landscapes with jaw dropping terraces. Just getting inside Harewoodwill make you feel blown away with rarest furniture from Chippendale and stunning interior designs of State Rooms.

One of the must explore programs in Harewood is changing program of contemporary art exhibitions held at the Terrace Gallery.

With massive space all around, a monumental adventure playground, parrots, flamingos and penguins there’s no lack of escapade for kids of any age and even for the ones totallygrown ups.

Harewood house is open only for 8 months in a year; from April to November. The entry is absolutely free of cost and one can visit Harewood between 10 AM and 4 PM daily.

Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is one of the most intact exemplar of a medieval Cistercian abbey in Britain. Built at beautiful parkland on the banks of the River Aire, Kirkstall Abbey possesses historic architecture amidst a sanctum of a greenery and wildlife.

The Visitor Centre at Kirkstall Abbey apprises you additionally about the lives of the 12th century monks and contains the touch table, an idiosyncraticmagalogue of images of the abbey from the 18th century to the current time.

Visitor centre at Kirkstall Abbey also runs and organizes family activities and trails throughout the year. You can check out the website for more details on the activities of the visitor centre. Go to see the shop and grab a chance to buy bespoke and unique products.
Kirkstall Abbey is directly across the road from Abbey House Museum, this is a tremendous opportunity to enjoy a day out with and for all the family members.

Leeds has everything, and it even includes a stunning companion through its Leeds escorts services. So come to Leeds and fall in love with its historical heritage.